Two Old-School Shoemakers Are Making Slippers Feel New Again
“In the age of the generic, nonthreatening Silicon Valley sneaker, the Sabah is that rarest of birds: a low-key slice of minimalism that nonetheless has a distinct personality.”
These Leopard Sabahs Are the Gloriously Sleazy Shoes I’ll Be Wearing All Summer
“Though this particular style is of-the-moment, the way it's made—by hand, using high-end materials and a replaceable sole—means it's designed to last and even get better with age.”
The 11 Most Comfortable Work Shoes, According to Our Editors
“I often long for the ease and simplicity that comes from sliding on a pair of shoes and running out the door. That's why I’m obsessed with my Sabah’s.”
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Store Stories
“If colour, craftsmanship and comfort rank high on your footwear checklist, you're in for a treat with Chiltern Street's newest addition, Sabah.”
The 8 Best Travel Shoes, According to Our Editors
“We’ve written about these Turkish leather slippers ad nauseam for good reason: pound for pound, they’re the most comfortable and versatile shoe you can buy. There are very few shoes that can do 15 city miles by day and then seamlessly transition to evening-wear by night, but the Sabah is one of them.”
How Sabahs Shoes Became Sabah House
“We chose Chiltern Street because of the neighborhood and our neighbors — sophisticated and independent yet inclusive and humble, quality over quantity, and consisting of many multi-generational family businesses.”
“I’ve been wearing these shoes with billowing dresses as well as tailored navy trousers.”
“For my summer holidays this year I’ll be packing a pair of Turkish slippers. That’s if they’re not on my feet, as these sleek and simple shoes are supremely comfortable – and still stylish enough to wear almost anywhere.”
The Chic—And Unisex—Summer Shoe You Need Now Is by Sabah
“We just wanted to make great shoes with integrity.”
Art and an Incense Garden: Inside NYC’s Coolest Shoe Shop
“Tweaked for durability and style, Sabah’s now Insta-famous shoes were largely inspired by a pair of traditional Turkish slippers.”
Sabah, Maker of the Perfect Travel Shoe, Now Has a Summer Pop-Up
“Sabahs have been our go-to travel shoes since they hit the market.”
These Turkish-Made Slippers are the Perfect Travel Shoe
“The footwear is a custom, higher quality adaptation of the shoes that have been crafted in Gaziantep for centuries.”
CH Omakase 2017: Sabah + Fernanda Uribe Shoes
“Together Sabah and Fernanda Uribe worked on a pair of shoes and the outcome is quite majestic.”
What are the Best Travel Shoe?
“Their supple leather molds to your foot making them super comfortable even after a long flight, and the unfussy design keeps them very lightweight.”
An American Revives the Traditional Turkish Shoe
“You won’t find another pair of shoes like these outside of Turkey.”
Here’s What You Should Know About that Colorful Shoe Stand at Union Market
“It’s very Old World—not dissimilar to how you might buy shoes in Turkey.”
Peak Inside the Dreamy New Sabah Shoe Shops
“We wanted to delight our customers and give them an elevated experience that’s positive and thoughtful.”
The House That Sabah Built
“Production is now based in southern Turkey, and Sabah employs 20 local artisans and Syrian refugees. This community-centric philosophy carries over to his newly opened Dallas shop.”
Sabah: The ‘It’ Shoe Everybody is Talking About
“A brand which celebrates travel, discovery, style and comfort is one that we can definitely get on board with.”
The Sabah Dealer Mickey Ashmore at His Shoe Store Home
“Our business is 50 percent a retail company, and 50 percent hospitality/community.”
The Best Travel Shoes Are Designed by a Dallas Native
“Almost like the little black dress of shoes, they are now essentials in my weekender bag and give me one less thing to forget.”
Sabah Shoes Founder: Time to Slip into Something More Comfortable
“Despite being based on a nearly 1,000-year-old shoe making technique and using old world materials, Sabahs are a novel style in the modern footwear marketplace.”
Sabah House, Venice
“We have built the workshop hand-in-hand with the owners since the beginning of Sabah. We have been involved in every step of the process to understand and celebrate the craft.”
A Former Hedge-Funder Finds His Passion Selling Handmade Turkish Shoes
“It’s nice to have a relationship with the customer and know the name of every person who owns a pair.”
A Smart Alternative to the Boat Shoe
“They work on the beach or at a bar. Accommodating as they are, however, these shoes aren’t flimsy, thanks to their sturdy rubber or leather soles.”
Sabahs: Like Candy for Your Feet
“Sabahs, as they’re called, stand out for their tempting colors.”
Sabah House Brings Turkish Shoes to Dallas
“Mickey Ashmore's Uptown shop offers old-world craftsmanship in a variety of colors.”
New Dallas Slipper Shoe Fits Right in the State-Thomas Area with Friendly Approach to Selling Footwear
“Instead of a leather sole, which just gets destroyed, I added rubber. So you can walk on pavement to the subway and back.”
No Ordinary Slipper
“These craftsmen are trained in a disappearing skill of hand-stitched shoe construction unique to Sabah.”
Q&A: Sabah Founder Mickey Ashmore on Istanbul and Traveling Stylishly
“Sabahs are among our favorite shoes to travel with: They’re colorful, effortlessly chic, easy to take on and off, and perfect for dressing up or down.”
9 Easy Ways to Find Your Paradise
“These unique slippers feel just as perfect in Bali as they do in Baltimore.”
Slip on these for Instant Street Cred
“Each shoe is handcrafted in the traditional fashion, without machinery or pre-punched holes; and each pair is marked with the handwritten initials of the Turkish cobbler who made them.”
The One Pair of Slip-On Shoes You Need
“They feel like slippers and wear like your trusty leather Fryes.”
Made to Order: Shoe In
“The most common thing we hear from customers is, “I never want to take them off.”
Greenhill Grad Creates Bespoke Shoe Brand
“They won’t smell, they mold to your feet, and they continue to look better and better.”
Old World Leather Slip-Ons Live on in East Village
“It is made entirely of leather. That’s the beauty of the shoe. There is nothing synthetic except for the piece of rubber, which is natural rubber.”
Where to Buy Authentic Turkish Shoes in New York City
“Ashmore still produces each pair of shoes with those same craftsmen, utilizing the unique, hand-sewn stitching process, the finest quality leathers sourced from century-old tanneries, and the utmost attention to detail.”
5 Objects With Beautiful Travel Stories
“After kicking around in a pair for a few weeks, I can honestly say I never want to travel in anything else.”
The Sabah Dealer
“The arduous process is unique and gives the Sabah its distinctive look and durability. This commitment to craftsmanship has become “a community which goes well beyond product.”
Selling shoes, softly, with a glass of wine
“Ashmore still produces each pair of shoes with those same craftsmen, utilizing the unique, hand-sewn stitching process, the finest quality leathers sourced from century-old tanneries, and the utmost attention to detail.”
The Sabah Dealer — New York
“The Dealer’s crew also does “Sabah Sundays,” a salon of sorts at the Sabah House where you can enjoy cocktails, live music and stimulating convo.”
A Handmade Turkish Slipper Might be Miami's Perfect Summer Shoe
“While they may seem delicate (don't most foreign goods?), Sabahs are sturdy andincrediblycomfortable because at the core these are travel shoes, built to withstand whatever adventure may come your way.”