Sabah Portal
Sabah Portal

In 2013, Mickey Ashmore created a magical pair of leather shoes with a family of craftsmen in southeast Turkey. He called them Sabahs, an original shoe based on a traditional shoemaking method. We now travel the world selling them, one pair at a time. In addition to our traveling Dealer, Sabahs can be purchased in-person from the Sabah Houses in Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles and by web order at the Sabah Portal.

Sabah House East Village, NYC
211 E 12th Street. We are open from 12PM to 7PM every Tuesday to Saturday and 12 to 5PM on Sunday. Phone: 646-864-0790.

Sabah House Dallas
2312 Routh Street, 75201. We are open from 11AM to 7PM every Wednesday to Saturday and 12 to 5PM on Sunday. Phone: 972-863-3555.

Sabah-in-Residence, Los Angeles
Sabahs can be purchased at RTH Shop in West Hollywood at 529 La Cienega Blvd. Hours can be found at

Web Orders
We also accept web & phone orders and send Sabahs all over the world. Please go to the Sabah Portal to order online or call (646) 864 0790 to place a phone order. For any customer service questions, please email

For all other inquiries, please contact the Sabah Dealer:

Learn How to Sabah: